Metal Powders

For metal effects, various metal powders can be added to A1.
After mixing the A1, it is possible to add metal powders, such as bronze, iron, copper, zinc or aluminium powder.

After exposure to water, the Iron powder mixed into the A1 gives beautiful natural and unique rust effects.

There are many possibilities in patinating and colour appearance. When using metal powder, the end result will vary. This has to do with oxidation, the chosen patina, the location of the metal particles in the A1 and the sub-colour with which the A1 is pigmented. The oxidation itself is an uncontrollable process and this will give every object a different appearance.

After curing of A1, which is provided with a metal powder, you can process it in different ways for the desired result depending on the % metal is used;

  • Leave iron powder in water for a long or shorter period.
  • Sand the A1 lightly so the metal powders come to the surface, these metal particles can be processed with oxidizing substances.
  • A1 can be patinated with heat or chemicals.
  • It is also possible to pigment the A1 so the undertone is already in the desired colour scheme.


  • after the desired result of the metal powders is achieved A1 Sealer PLUS can be applied for protection so the weather influences slow down the oxidation process.
  • if you work with a silicone mould, you can stimulate the oxidation process by extending the discharge time by a number of hours or days.