Support moulds

A1 is very suitable for making a very strong and also lightweight support moulds, by laminating A1 in combination with A1 Triaxial fibre.


Instruction sheet: How to make a support mould with A1

Stabilize the silicone mould before starting to make the first support mould.
Cut the A1 Triaxial fibre into various sizes, enough for 4 layers.
Set up A1 Liquid and A1 Powder (1:2) in weight.
Gently add the A1 Powder to the A1 Liquid. Stir the mixer till all lumps have disappeared (± 1 min.) resulting in a smooth material.
Apply A1 with a brush on the silicone mould.
Add the A1 Triaxial fibre on the wet A1. Continue until the entire silicone mould is covered with A1 and a layer of A1 Triaxial fibre.
Again add a layer of A1...
...and apply a 2nd layer of A1 Triaxial fibre on the still wet A1.
Press the A1 Triaxial fibre. The fibre can be formed/shaped well.
Brush this layer again with A1. Repeat until you have applied 4 layers of A1 Triaxial fibre.
Let the A1 support mould dry for 60 minutes.
If desired, the A1 support mould can be finished with a multitool.
If needed, holes can be drilled in the A1 support mould to add bolts and nuts.
The A1 support mould is ready for use.